Tuesday, 13 February 2018


No. 1 human has  abandoned me. It disapeared two weeks ago without a word of explanation and hasn't been seen since. I have now given it up for dead and, as a consequence, have begun the difficult task of grooming No. 2 human for succession. Progress, however, is slow and I have had to empoly a lot of shouting to keep services running smoothly. Getting eye contact with with the human is difficult as it is in thrall to a small blue light creature which it holds and talks to and strokes with its finger. The creature talks back but in a language l am not able to decipher.

When left unattended the human tethers the creature to the wall with a wire, presumably to stop it wandering off. I am glad of this as I do not trust the creature and clearly neither does the human. Some times while tethered the creature calls out and the human comes and strokes it until it is happy again.

I am starting to become suspicious that the human may deliberately ignoring me since, despite being able to understand this highly cryptic blue light creature language, it is apparently unable to comprehend a simple set of quite clearly nuanced meows.