Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Never let a human talk you into something

This weekend the human and I did something which it said was called the big garden birdwatch for the RSPB. The rules of this activity turned out to be quite confusing. Apparrently sitting on the window sill is not appropriate even though this is the best vantage piont for viewing the feeders. likewise the roof of the bird table. Also I discovered that you dont need to catch the birds, just count them. I rarely count as I rarely need a number larger than one.

All in all it turned out not nearly as interesting as I had hoped. This is often the way with humans.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

More the thing

Now these are of more interest. As you can see these birds have exceptionally strong, long legs for their size and the legs, as I'm sure you are aware, are the choicest part. It would also indicate that they spend a good deal of time feeding on the ground which is also ideal.

A note of caution - the beaks as you can see are also very strong and dagger like. this implies to me that the ensuring the element of surprise will be vital in this new project of the Human's.

Unfortunately, and typically, the Human has negelected to include any background so I do not yet know where I can lay my hands on a quantity of these delightful looking creatures

Monday, 23 January 2012

This is all very well

The Humans have returned to their work and although this makes them grumpy, they have at least stopped negligently setting fires inside the house.

While it was off no 1 human went in its hut and played with some coloured dusty stuff which is not to be recommended as it get on your paws and makes you sneeze. the human seems inexplicably pleased with itself. Personally I dont see these putting meaty loaf on the table any time soon.