Monday, 13 February 2012

Of cats and men

For some weeks now the human has been reading a fat book that it got from a library. today it was describing to me how the book tells of an ancient school of philosophy which says a humans mind is so far inferior to God's that whatever a human can imagine about god must necessarily be wrong. The human was confused by this since one of the things a human can imagine about god is that there is one - which must be wrong. the book hadn't mentioned this. I replied that if that was the case there was probably no need to get so uptight about it. The human agreed with this and fetched itself some of its awful tea stuff and we went up the garden and I had a wee in the green house on account of all the rain.

Cats as you may know do not have religion as a human would understand it since, not being a social species, there is no requirement in our culture for us to be nice to each other. However we do engage in certain spiritual activities which are traditional to us such as staring and the veneration of woollen garments.