Wednesday, 14 March 2012

of horses and men

Earlier in the week I was prevented from returning to the house for 6 o'clock snacks by a visit from the doorstep humans (who aren't allowed inside the house). On this occasion they were also not allowed to have the outside light on and were unable to see to recite passages from their bible.

Never the less they persevered for some time until they discovered that the human did not consider humans the most important thing on earth and that further more this as a premise for a subjective and species centric system of moral philosophy was a danger to the planet. The doorstep humans were nonplussed by this and could hardly believe their ears and they went away.

After they had gone the human said they would need to stop using the inteligent design argument as they were flogging a dead horse. I am glad to say that I didn't see this horse as I understand them to be highly dangerous creatures. Flogging one on the doorstep is just the sort of ill thought out and negligent activity to which humans are prone.