Monday, 2 April 2012

Under the Sun

Today the human recited to me the following passage from its fat book:

"There are many today who use similar arguments, wishing that the heat of the civil commotions among us could be diverted into some war against our neighbours, fearing that those aberrant humours which now dominate the body politic would, if not decanted elsewhere, continue to maintain our troubles at fever pitch, finally entailing our complete collapse. And indeed a foreign war is a distemper much less harsh than a civil war: but I do not believe God would look favourably on so wicked an enterprise as our attacking and quarrelling with a neighbour simply for our own convenience"
Michel de Montaigne 1588

The human says this means there is nothing new under the sun. Personally I don't see why you would not want to fight with your neighbour as they are clearly going to be the most annoying to you, a case in point being the big tabby from next door who has given me nothing but trouble since I moved in here.  Since cats to not usually live in communities (unless compelled to due to having fell on hard times) civil war is not technically possible for us anyway.