Wednesday, 11 July 2012

On The Nature of the Arts

For some weeks now the human has been struggling with a painting of black birds under a bridge at night. This is an excellent example of the human tendency to make life difficult for themselves. Cats of course would never do this. It is also inconvenient for me as the human is unavailable for most of the day and although there is bubble wrap available in its studio this would  mean having to listen to its terrible music which it plays in there. I have also noticed that fur brushing has been decidedly lacklustre of late.

Cat art is, of course quite different from human art consisting as it does mainly of performance and happenings. In this respect of course we are, unlike humans, playing to our strengths. Appreciation of cat art among humans is, as you may know, generally low and they often regard it as somewhat controversial. 

I have noticed that the human was taking some photographs of its painting today which is encouraging as this is often a sign that it has given up trying to paint whatever it is. Usually there is a lull then before it starts trying to paint something else.  hopefully I will be able to get a decent fur brush before this happens.